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Actine Stratégies claims a unique positioning: responable corporate diplomacy for innovation and sustainable development.

Its activity is devoted to serving responsable, ethical innovators.

The agency accompanies entrepreneurs who develop new technologies and disruptive innovations, or who act directly in favor of major causes.

Founded in 2004, the agency operates in the following areas:

  • where innovation serves worldwide sustainable development,
  • where innovation serves humanity,
  • where innovation is digital, technological, scientific, medical, enviromental, social or societal.

Actine Stratégies is committed to those who invest in and develop digital, collaborative, technological and industrial solutions that aim to improve health, preserve the environment, find new energy sources, develop new mobility or favor biodiversity.

For these men and women, the agency establishes a transparent dialogue with public authorities, influencers, journalists, organizations and potential partners, in order to promote these innovations and their international development.

The effectiveness of this approach is ensured thanks to the complementary backgrounds and experience of the agency’s three senior consultants, and the synergies put in place.