The team

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Stéphane BERSTEINManaging director and co-founder
DESS Degree in Communication and Scientific, Technical & Medical information
University Paris Diderot Paris VII – 2003

Born to a family of successful international entrepreneurs in the fields of environment (forestry), craftsmanship, textiles and services, Stéphane was inspired by this family history and his own multi-disciplinary education to create Actine Stratégies, directly after his studies.

As project manager and responsible corporate diplomat, he oversees clients’ strategies of influence, communication and public affairs toward decision makers and opinion leaders in sectors of innovation: digital, industrial, health and sustainable development.

Christie GENTEUIL-BOISELCo-founder
Studied press relations at the CFPJ school in Paris

Christie began her career during the Internet bubble doing editorial work at the French journal Informatique magazine, followed by experience in a communication consulting agency. In 2003 she met Stéphane at EURO RSCG C&O.

Communication consultant and corporate diplomat specialized in the digital world, Christie handles operational aspects of communication for the agency. She also runs workshops on improving quality-of-life at work as an essential performance factor – covering themes such as laughing, kindness and social diversity in the workplace.

Audrey MAZOUZ-BERSTEINStrategic monitoring and Content
DEA Degree in French linguistics
DESS Degree in written communication
University of Paris La Sorbonne Paris III and Paris V – 2003 and 2004

Following her studies, Audrey worked in the editorial and event management fields, before becoming a French teacher. She joined Actine Stratégies to oversee development, then strategic monitoring and content.

With her expertise in research, linguistics and writing, Audrey manages the surveillance of relevant client topics and supervises content drafting to enhance the image of companies and their solutions.