Responsible corporate diplomacy

Responsible corporate diplomacy 2017-05-31T11:53:55+00:00

In a world that is evolving with the digital transformation, collaborative economics and environmental stakes, civil society and public decision-makers must increase their dialogue. The exchange of information between citizens, institutions and companies should serve to illuminate society, including public and private authorities.

Responsible corporate diplomacy is perfectly in line with a participatory democracy, where everyone can and should take part in the debate.

To help streamline and modernize this democratic process, Actine Stratégies has chosen to act by giving a voice to those who innovate.


Efficiency, trust and transparency

As part of its responsible approach, the agency establishes relationships of trust and transparency with stakeholders, to exchange information, propose new solutions and support new projects. Actine Stratégies develops corporate diplomacy that benefits companies’ business interests, while meeting society’s expectations in terms of sustainable growth as well economic, social, environmental and societal development.

In a clear departure from traditional lobbying, hidden maneuvering and greenwashing, Actine Stratégies aims to establish a long-lasting dialogue with key actors, raising awareness about innovations to help build an ecosystem that will foster the solutions of the future.

Since 2004, Actine Stratégies has been recognized for this experience and its expertise in public affairs.


Project leader for success

A consulting agency in corporate diplomacy acts as a project leader, from strategy to operational implementation. Actine Stratégies integrates and develops projects, identifies key individuals and informs them of the issues and challenges at hand.

On one side, public officials are confronted with issues linked to health, research, digital technology, industry and sustainable development. On the other, companies possess breakthrough innovations and solutions that address these topics.
Using a pragmatic and rigorous approach, the agency’s team implements a strategy to inform stakeholders, crystallize messages and organize instrumental meetings to address the challenges at hand and bring to light new solutions.

This approach enables companies to meet the right people at the right time, gain recognition in their markets, enhance their corporate image and benefit from support to ensure the success of their innovations.