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Responsable corporate diplomacy for innovation and sustainable development

Since its creation in 2004, Actine Stratégies has positioned itself as a catalyst for durable success stories. The agency works to help bring innovations to life, serve important causes and contribute to positive change in the world.

Specialized in the sectors of health, sustainable development, digital technology and industry, Actine Stratégies holds the human aspect at the heart of its approach as it works to enhance the reputation and influence of companies and organizations.


Visibility and durable influence in France and beyond

Actine Stratégies builds pro-business ecosystems that help improve and promote initiatives and innovations – technological, sustainable, social and societal.

With over 70 innovative companies on its client roster and seven communication awards, Actine Stratégies has become a reference for companies seeking to improve their visibility and influence.


Participation in public debates

Actine Stratégies enables these companies and organizations to create new connections, expand their networks of influence and develop new projects. The agency devises strategies for creating and maintaining privileged relationships with public decision-makers, organizations and leaders of opinion.

In France and internationally, Actine Stratégies sets the stage for successful innovative projects.

This support is reflected in a variety of benefits to client companies:

  • Support from the highest levels of government through participation in official state visits with the French president, prime minister, ministers of foreign affairs and trade (ex: signature ceremonies for partnerships with China, Russia, Britain & Japan)
  • Working meetings with the prime minister and ministers for sustainable development, economy & digital technology, labor (ex: EBlink’s position on steering committee for the French Telecom Sovereignty Initiative)
  • Consultations and hearings with government offices and legislators
  • New regulations, for example: the law on rainwater recovery with Skywater [1], support for the Grenelle 2 law for mattress recycling with Recyc Matelas Europe[2], promotion of the European eco-label with L’Arbre Vert
  • Public debates, for example: debates in 2009 on the use of umbilical cord blood cells in stem cell donations
  • Exchanges with public and private organizations and institutions
  • Events of worldwide scope: media coverage for four French champions of innovation honored at the Grand Palais during the 2015 COP21, the launch of « World Down’s Syndrome Day » for AFRT in 2005…
  • Public sector support with international reach: support of the French government for Ecoceane cleanup operation following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill[3]

International companies (American, Japanese, Israeli…) have also chosen Actine Stratégies to launch their activities in French and other European markets.

To succeed in its missions, the agency establishes an ongoing dialogue with public authorities, leaders of opinion and organizations, creating ecosystems that foster the development of innovative companies.

Actine Stratégies enjoys a unique position among thought-provoking communication consulting agencies. In April 2005, Actine was featured in the magazine Stratégies: « A new agency is born, and with it, a new way of communicating is starting to emerge. Actine Stratégies has set out to accompany SMEs that espouse real policies of sustainable development in the sectors of biotechnology, health and the environment. » [4]

[1] Stratégies, June 28, 2007 : « Skywater chose infiltration. It may seem easy to communicate on sustainable development, when it’s your field of expertise. But when you’re a startup like Skywater, it’s best to communicate on multiple levels. »


[2] Lesechos.fr – August 16, 2012 : “Final key component, the young SME led a very focused communication effort. This included lobbying of the ministry for sustainable development and certain local authorities, to obtain the legislator’s recognition of and support for the new activity. At the center of this strategy was an intense press and public relations campaign, led by the agency Actine Stratégies. The media buzz seems to have paid off. Since the Grenelle 2 law of July 2010, manufacturers and distributors are now responsible for the waste generated by their products, bedding included. Enacted on January 6, 2012, the implementing decree has provided a regulatory framework for the sector opened up by Recyc-Matelas. Capital to ensure the activity’s future!”


[3] Grand Prix Stratégies de communication – 3 public affairs awards for the agency in 2009, 2010 and 2012

[4] http://www.strategies.fr/actualites/agences/r36986W/une-agence-conseil-pour-les-geo-trouve-tout.html