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How to devise an effective strategy that will persuade stakeholders, inspire commitment and influence the debate ?


Understand, prepare, affirm identity and promote expertise and solutions

Gone are the days of gurus, spin doctors and shadowy advisors. The responsible corporate diplomat studies the issues and challenges, and works in concert with company leaders to develop effective communication strategies.


A pragmatic approach and a positive attitude :

Attentive, creative, responsive and committed

Taking into account the ecosystem, human relations, flows of information and the connections between organizations…these considerations imply listening, evaluating, questioning and continually adapting to changes.

Optimal communication management requires anticipating the issues as well as their human, social, societal and environmental impact. This relies on rigorous auditing and the ability to set clear, realistic goals that are rooted in the reality of the company and its environment.

Devising strategy requires expert advice, auditing and recommendations for implementing a communication policy. It’s important to establish and maintain trust between partners, which relies on common ethics and values: mutual understanding and respect, individual and collective responsibility, and information-sharing. All of this is key to forming lasting relations with clients, decision-makers, suppliers, partners, journalists and influencers.

It’s with this long-term approach that we enter the picture, contributing to debates and promoting opinions, views and expertise through a variety of outlets: interviews, audits, publications, conferences, committee memberships, projects, etc..

Examples :

  • Positioning: innovative companies, associations, organizations
  • Company, brand and institutional image
  • Responsible brand communication (environment, health, social and societal)
  • Employer/management brand communication
  • Change communication: restructuring, name change, merger, acquisition…
  • Financial communication: fundraising (AK), public offering (IPO), results
  • International communication