Reputation & e-reputation / social networks

Reputation & e-reputation / social networks 2017-05-31T11:53:27+00:00

How to distinguish real news from fake news ? Rumors, mistakes, information taken out of context, poorly-prepared statements, social network comments…

In a world where everything moves quickly, where information spreads like wildfire and a phrase, photo or video can create a scandal, it’s essential to anticipate situations and take necessary steps to protect one’s image.

Creating a reputation relies on actions, commitments and facts. A reputation takes time to build, but can be destroyed overnight. Preserving it requires regular strategic monitoring, actions that are consistent with values and communication that lets people know.

Being prepared for crisis situations, considering different potential scenarios. What to say, and who should say it ? Which channels of circulation to use ?

What strategies and practices to adopt for interaction with these communities ?

Examples :

  • communication consulting
  • social media and community manager strategy
  • crisis communication
  • e-reputation auditing
  • identification of relevant social networks
  • overview of « community » expectations
  • identification, formulation, drafting of content
  • publication of content
  • monitoring