Public & media relations

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Strategy, public relations & media plan

How to relate expectations to objectives?

Selecting information, identifying target audiences, planning a calendar of announcements, drafting content, making contacts and building relationships.


Media relations

Understanding the expectations of journalists and media (print and online, TV, radio) in order to optimize interview opportunities and generate widespread coverage.

Content is king: the relevance of a message to the theme, the journalistic angle and the medium.

Actine Stratégies favors personal, face-to-face or phone interviews. When appropriate, we can organize a press conference, breakfast, lunch or press trip, or provide media support during a tradeshow or other event.

Public relations

Actine Stratégies builds the appropriate relationships with its clients’ various audiences, identifying the influential networks and individuals to be met and informed.

For more services, see the pages on influence communication and public affairs.

Examples :

  • PR strategic consulting
  • Press office
  • Creation of personalized media files
  • Schedule of actions
  • Drafting and circulation of content (press releases and press kits, alerts, newsletters)
  • Journalist relations
  • Media monitoring
  • Media training and prepping of spokespeople
  • Public relations office