Influence communication

Influence communication 2017-05-31T11:54:40+00:00

Taking part in public debates, promoting your point of view and participating in projects and strategic meetings on topics that concern you.

Knowing your environment, identifying its key actors, exchanging information and sharing expertise with those who have influence.

The agency bases its strategy on messages, announcements and content with high added value. We bring scientific, technical and industrial expertise to issues concerning health, the environment and industry, advising on key questions: where to take a stand, where to contribute to the debate, and where to mobilize.
Actine Stratégies devises a strategy of influence communication to reveal and develop leadership, support and public acceptance. Promoting two-way communication with all of your audiences. Optimizing channels of circulation and impact. Ensuring strategic watch, developing prospective studies, participating in projects, commissions and organizations, raising awareness and winning public favor. Influence depends on the creation of an editorial line and content with high added value.

Examples :

  • identification and mapping of influencers
  • influence networks
  • strategic information and meetings
  • project management (content, circulation and relations)
  • strategic monitoring