Digital communication

Digital communication 2017-05-31T11:54:48+00:00

How to inform, raise awareness and generate positive feedback in a world that has irreversibly changed?

An effective communication strategy must include TV/radio, internet and press, multi-media and multi-format platforms (social networks, blogs, etc..) in order to develop an ecosystem, interact with it and succeed in being heard.

A company is part of an open environment, continuously engaging with its audiences. Producing and exchanging pertinent information and knowing how to circulate content is essential to dialogue with these different groups: influential actors, decision-makers, opinion leaders, clients and partners.

Thanks to digital communication, everyone’s expertise can be leveraged as influence. All players are media, in that they process and circulate information. Identifying and communicating with people of influence in the digital realm requires a communication strategy that takes into account the impact and audiences of bloggers, tweeters and other experts.

Actine Stratégies establishes multi-channel strategies:


  • identification of context and audit of existing tools
  • definition of web strategy
  • recommendations, elaboration of action plan and retro-planning
  • implementation and monitoring of action plan
  • monthly assessment


  • identification of themes, relevant audiences and key journalists
  • monitoring
  • drafting, exchanges, development of relations between the brand/company and different audiences
  • follow-up and reporting


  • identification of potential partners
  • initial contact and implementation


  • drafting of content pertaining to current events about the company and/or sector