Creation & drafting of content

Creation & drafting of content 2017-05-31T11:54:12+00:00

How to promote an opinion, idea or innovation ? Present a product ? Introduce someone ? Raise awareness ? Debate and persuade ?

The copywriter drafts content for websites, blogs, press releases and social network posts.

He/she identifies the key words to use (incorporating SEO analysis) and crafts impelling messages to inform, raise awareness, persuade and generate support.

This content positions the company, highlights its expertise and contributes to improving its notoriety and image. The aim is to create subject matter that is relevant to the audience, well-referenced and shareable – informing and exchanging through blog publications and social network posts.

The agency implements an editorial strategy, storytelling, and content for web and print. To optimize referencing and notoriety, content should be targeted to and associated with key writers and editors in the specific areas of expertise. Researching, following and interacting are essential on networks such as Google+, Linkedin, etc..