Corporate communication

Corporate communication 2017-05-31T11:54:37+00:00

Building a strong, coherent image

What image does an organization project ? This image is the perception (hopefully positive) held by the public at a given point in time. Public perception and the company’s desired image are the determining factors behind an institutional communication strategy, which should incorporate perceived psychological and cultural values.

A company must rely on real, verifiable elements to enhance and develop its image, which is an undeniable asset in affirming its positioning, expertise and market differentiation.

This concrete, thoughtful image analysis, along with the company’s development strategy and its communication objectives, are the basis upon which Actine Stratégies devises and implements a strategy and a communication plan.

Examples :

  • Positioning: innovative companies, associations, organizations
  • Company, brand and institutional image
  • Responsible brand communication (environment, health, social and societal)
  • Employer/management brand communication
  • Change communication: restructuring, name change, merger, acquisition…
  • Financial communication: fundraising (AK), public offering (IPO), results
  • International communication